Corporate & Social Responsibility


  • We will treat all groups and individuals in a fair, open and respectful manner
  • We will show respect for the individual and treat each in a consistent way, whilst honouring our commitments
  • We monitor any exceptions to this and record them in a Complaints Register
  • We will comply with all the Laws that regulate and apply to the Company and its’ business conduct
  • This refers to areas where we follow laws in Personnel, Health and Safety, Finance and Equal Opportunities
  • Our current terms of business indicate a period within which our suppliers will be paid. We will always endeavour to fulfil this and will maintain a Register recording any instances reported that so not comply with this
  • We are honest and truthful in our representations and where it is necessary to withhold information we are clear regarding our motives and explain the reasons
  • Management Review meetings are held and minuted but certain personnel matters require confidences to be maintained
  • We attempt to ensure that competition is fair and based on Quality and Value
  • When completing Tender bids and requests for information, the information that we provide is truthful and accurate
  • We do not tempt others to act in way that is in violation of our Company standards
  • Our Quality standards and procedures protect us and make such incidents difficult to occur and so provide our defence