Awareness Training

Security awareness training provides businesses with the knowledge and attitude needed to protect the physical assets of the organisation.

Security awareness is the most powerful, least costly and most often neglected of all security measures. It can provide managers with the peace of mind that your staff know what the risks are, what to look for and how to deal with any problems or issues should they arise.

We can provide tailored packages to suit your individual requirements and indeed tailor it to each individual branch should you so require. Our industry experts currently provide training packages to some of the largest merchants in the UK giving.

We also provide in depth security training for managers covering all aspects of the business and the potential security risks in each area. We talk about how to identify and resolve security issues. How to respond to staff and customer theft, Understanding the law, physical security, account fraud, credit card fraud, goods inwards, company vehicles, alarm system and a number of other areas.

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Security Awareness Training

  • Group Training
  • Individual Training
  • On Site Training
  • Training Days