Test Purchases

A security test purchases are anonymous visist to a site or business to ensure employees are complying with security procedures.

Test purchase exercises are the only way that a company can target individuals or check and ensure the effectiveness of their systems and procedures. Our expert operatives are fully product trained and have extensive experience within the industry.

A single test purchase consists of three visits to each branch and a full report will be written detailing any observation weakness etc on all of your systems and procedures from your yard procedures to your stock placement, or in the case of a targeted exercise, all interaction will be noted. It will also cover any problems, issues or suspicions and our experts will then make detailed recommendations. A full investigation service is also available if required.

Security and customers service visits can also be carried out where every area of you operation is visited, tested and scored. The reports are broken down into the various areas i.e. yard procedures, yard customer service, trade counter services, cash sale procedures, account sales procedures, refund procedures and warehouse. Each area is scored and a weighted score will give you an overall % which then allows you to immediately identify which areas of your business requires improvement or areas of your business that are running successfully.

We can offer test purchasing as a general rolling service with several days test purchasing per year to give a good idea of how a branch is performing, or as a targeted service, whereby we can tailor the visits to target a particular area of concern.

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