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Internal and external lighting forms an important part of your security risk management for both your premises and your staff/visitors. This gives a brief overview of the benefits of using LED lighting.

Energy Saving

LEDs are the most energy-efficient choice for lighting! Converting to LEDs can make significant savings on energy bills. It is estimated by Carbon Trust that 40% of energy used by organisations goes on lighting, so the potential to reduce bills is substantial. Not only do LEDs save energy and emit lower running costs, because they are not prone to bulb failure they do not carry costs associated with time consuming maintenance work.


Infra-Red Advantages

Infra-red illuminators provide IR light which is invisible to the human eye but visible to a CCTV camera, therefore it is ideal for covert surveillance. IR illumination also works well

Advantages of LED lighting:

1. Lower energy consumption
2. Superior quality illumination
3. Longer product life and reliability
4. No maintenance
5. Instant start
6. Suitable for challenging environments
7. Improves CCTV clarity

Superior performance

With ongoing product development and improvements based on frequent night-test sessions, LED Illuminators have been refined to provide the even quality illumination that is exactly what CCTV cameras require. LEDs are highly flexible in use, they start up immediately so can be used for warning systems and detector-driven CCTV.
over long distances, with illumination at ranges up to 370m. Therefore in many applications IR illumination is the perfect lighting tool for CCTV, allowing cameras to capture clear images and optimising camera performance.

White Light

White-light illuminators are ideal for where accurate colour images are required. White light provides high quality, visible and clear illumination to optimise CCTV performance. The technology’s even illumination allows the best colour image capture, without the bright or dark spots which can be an issue with other types of lighting. White light LED technology can also be a powerful deterrent, for example as part of an intelligent, detector-driven security system.

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